Hello Accounting Students,

    Hopefully you are all having a productive summer.

    Your Beta Alpha Psi Leadership has been productive this summer. Currently we are gearing up for our upcoming networking and informational barbecue on Thursday, July 15 . The barbecue will not only be a chance to get a free meal on a sunny summer day. We will be providing insight and information into B.A.P. and how big a part of the University of Washington Bothell campus  and the accounting program we have become. Here are some questions you might get answered at this event,

    • What is B.A.P.
    • What does it mean to be a candidate or member of B.A.P.?
    • What do I have to do?
    • How might this help my career?
    • How do I get information on the accounting firms and their 2010 fall recruiting?
    • What firms are coming to the professional meetings this year?
    • What B.A.P. leadership position can I apply for to make sure I get the most out of the B.A.P experience?
    • How do I apply?
    • What can I expect to learn at the August 12th Info Session? (Yes, we are planning another info session.)

    Food and drink will be provided and we will be talking about accounting, B.A.P. and you.

    Come join us at Blythe Park in Bothell for some food, info, camaraderie and maybe a rousing game of croquet.

    6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

    FREE to all UWB accounting majors

     BAP BBQ