Moss Adams: Kicking It Off Well!

    This was a great first meeting. Thank you all who attended for filling the room and being engaged with our guests from Moss Adams. UW Bothell Alumni that now work for Moss Adams shared very important tips on what an internship can teach us and what to expect as an intern. They also spoke to us about their first year(s) as staff accountants and how the job roles change as you progress from intern to staff to senior to manager. Dawn and Deri informed us of a unique internship that only Moss Adams in Everett is offering where you would work with Reviews and Compliations with local businesses.

    We also have an assingment that came from this professional meeting. Those who attended should prepare a business style “Thank You” email to the Moss Adams team that is no more than one paragraph in length. In addition to CC’ing Jay Lazaro at, please address and send your “Thank You” email to one (or more) of the following Moss Adams speakers:

    Anna Olson

    Dawn Armitage

    Deri Ford

    Chris Schmidt

    David Paulson

    Emily Weber

    We plan to have similar assignments for each of our professional meetings. The BAP Executive Team will then aggregate and rate the assignments and present prizes to the top finishers at our Annual Spring Banquet.



     Moss Adams: Kicking It Off Well!