Ethics Conference

    The University of Washington Business School is hosting the Ethics Conference on November 13th. The event will take place on the Bothell campus. Accounting Professionals will be in attendance to meet their Continuous Profession Education (CPE) requirement to maintain their CPA license. There will be opportunities to listen to the presenters during the sessions and will be a beneficial educational experience. The attire will be business professional meaning that a suit is a must. This is a great opportunity for students to meet some or all of their Beta Alpha Psi service hours complete.

    10-16 volunteers:

    – 6 volunteers for the morning shift (7-11am): providing directions, helping at the parking kiosk, registration, sign-ups, name tags, putting up sandwich boards where needed

    – 4 volunteers for the midday shift (10:30am-2:30pm): Answering questions, basically just doing anything that is needed to make the event run smoothly

    – 4 volunteers for the closing shift (2:30-5pm): checking people out, handing out certificates, taking down sandwich boards.

    BAP is in need of volunteers primarily for the 7:00-11:00am and 10:30-2:30pm shifts. If you have conflicts with the morning and midday shift please let us know and we may have a spot or two on the closing shift. To register please email Dylan gale; with your name, email, phone number and preferred time slot. Dylan will send you a confirmation email with the location and expectations for the event.

     Ethics Conference