Are you looking for an internship opportunity?
There are two places we recommend you visit frequently:


HuskyJobs is a great place to find employment and internship opportunities. HuskyJobs covers a very broad field. Career services from all three campuses, Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell use HuskyJobs.

School of Business Internship Board

Internship and job Listings on the School of Business Internship Board are also listed on HuskyJobs. The difference between HuskyJobs and the School of Business board is, only companies that we know and have established personal contact with can list on the School of Business board. When you see a listing on the School of Business board you know that we personally know the management team and the HR department of the company. If you apply to a company on our board, talk to the Program Manager, he will be able to give you valuable insight on how best to apply for the internship or job opportunity.

Student Resources

Not sure why you don’t get the call for an interview? Read the articles and advice on the Student Resource page. You never know, you may find advice that will help you get the next job or internship.


Twitter is an extremely valuable tool if used properly. Twitter is most useful not for you to tweet, but for you to follow companies and industries you are interested in. Knowing the latest events in your field could be very helpful in an interview. Follow the School of Business Twitter feed @UWB_Business, new internship or job postings are always tweeted first on Twitter.

Career Services

Take advantage of what career service is offering. The staff there are professionals who are trained to help you with your cover letter, resume and make up interviews. Not using what is offered to you for free is plain not smart.

Writing Skills

Make sure you use career service or a peer or a professor to review your cover letter. Spelling mistakes will get you eliminated. Please do not address the letter to “To whom it may concern” – NEVER! Address the cover letter to a person. If you don’t know the name of the person, find out, research, call the company, or call me.


If you need help contact me:

Jean-Claude (JC) Hauchecorne
Program Manager, Community Outreach
Husky Hall, Suite 1313
(205) 286-8587