Fall Recruiting Workshop – Thank You!

    Thank you to those who were able to participate in the FALL RECRUITING WORKSHOP tonight! We had a great turnout for our first opening event for the new school year. Students enjoyed learning more about our UWB accounting program and accounting career/recruiting in depth. Thank you Ron Tilden (BAP advisor) and Kirstin Hunt (Career center) for the awesome presentations. And thank you Chris Schmidt (Moss Adams LLP) for sharing your experiences as an alum. There will be more great events coming soon. We look forward to an awesome year with you guys!


    BAPPER’s Weekly: 2/4/13 – 2/10/13

    Important Topics:

    • LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the professional world. Linking up with our speakers is a good way to network with other professionals. For those of you, like myself, who are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, follow this link to get a better understanding of how LinkedIn works. http://learn.linkedin.com/students/
    • Remember to keep an eye on Husky Jobs for Accounting Job Postings!
    • Don’t forget to send thank you notes to the professional speakers!
    • Community College Outreach is a great event for the new members to participate! During this event, BAP members will visit local community college accounting classes and conduct a short presentation on the transfer process and how amazing UWB Accounting program is. We just need BAP members to share their experience during the Q&A part after the presentation. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone from UWB helped you with this process? Now you can be that person! Sign up here at the Facebook grouphttp://www.facebook.com/groups/312260122228935/
    • Here are some of the topics that were discussed at the last officer meeting: We are working on preparing a spreadsheet to allow members to stay up to date with their BAP hours. We would like to hear from members of fun events they would like to see happen. The officers are looking to branch out and partner up with SPU and host a service or professional event. Are there any companies that members would like to come speak at a professional meeting?
    • UW Tacoma’s Milgard School of Business is now offering a Master’s in Accounting degree! This could be a great 5th year option
    • We know that many of you are participating in events outside of Beta Alpha Psi. Don’t forget to submit these outside professional or service hours toward your total BAP hours! You can receive up to 5 outside hours for each. Click on the following link to download the Non-BAPHours Form: http://uwbbap.com/service/non-bap-hours-2/
    • If you RSVP for a service event, you must attend!! If an emergency comes up, and you cannot, please let Wendy (wendykwan.bap@gmail.com) know as soon as you possibly can. Many of these organizations rely on us for the number of volunteers that we tell them will show up.
    • Our website is being renovated! Take a moment (or two!) to stop by and check it out. All events, awards, contacts will be updated on a regular basis. Check the website on a regular basis to stay updated!www.uwbbap.com

    This Week:

    Upcoming Events:

    • Wednesday, February 20th – Amazon will be presenting to us.
    • Saturday, February 23rd – Ronald McDonald service event.

    Kent Kids’ Arts Day

    Do you like working with kids? Do you enjoy arts and crafts? Here is a unique opportunity to do both while immersing yourself in a diverse community: Volunteer at the 2013 Kent Kids’ Arts Day! Get creative and help elementary school students from the Kent School District with a diverse variety of hands-on art projects.
    Kent Kids’ Arts Day will be on March 2nd from 9am-5pm at Kent Commons. A carpool will be created for volunteers. If you would like to set up carpool, please send an email to bapservice@gmail.com
    You can volunteer for the 9-1 shift, 1-5 shift, or both. This event is limited to 30 volunteers per shift.
     Sign Up ends on February 22nd at kentkidsartday-eorg.eventbrite.com
    For any questions regarding Kent Kids’ Arts Day please contact Tina Chen at tinachen.bap@gmail.com

    UWB BAP Holiday Event!

    All Accounting & Finance Students, faculty and their families are invited to celebrate this year and holiday season with your friends at Beta Alpha Psi.

    We will be hosting a potluck and an evening filled with fun and games.

    Please join us!

    Sign up details:

    UWB BAP Holiday Event RSVP

    If you are bringing your family members with you, you will be choosing more than 1 ticket on your registration.

    Please RSVP for this event by December 11th, 2012.

    If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Moretti at aaronmoretti.bap@gmail.com