Are graduate students eligible?

Absolutely! Beta Alpha Psi is open to all students studying accounting, finance, and information systems.

How much does it cost to join BAP?

The cost will depend on which quarter you join in.

Fall quarter: $135

Winter quarter: $115

Spring quarter: $95

Please note that these prices are only for new applicants as they include a one-time $75 national fee. Returning members/applicants will pay the following:

Fall quarter: $60

Winter quarter: $40

Spring quarter: $20

How many hours do I need to complete per year?

A total of 32. This is made up of 12 professional hours, 12 service hours, and 8 additional hours of either category.

How soon can I join BAP?

You must have at least a junior class standing to sign up but underclassmen are more than welcome to attend meetings.