Reporting Non-BAP Hours

Please make sure to look look over the following information before submitting your non-BAP hours! Once you have read and understood the information, please fill out the downloadable form and submit it to our faculty advisor, Orchideh Raisdanai .

2020-2021 Non-BAP Hours Application

What Are Non Beta Alpha Psi Sponsored Events?

Activities that fall outside the definition of a “Sponsored Activity”  are non-BAP.  A sponsored activity is defined as either “(1) organized and carried out by the … chapter or (2) …involve participation by the members of the beta Alpha Psi chapter as a group (in which case the chapter has agreed to participate as a chapter and has announced the event at several meetings and promoted participation in the event.)”

Attendance is recorded at the weekly professional meetings and periodic service events as well as at national and regional events. Because of this, members and pledges should NOT report such activity. In addition to this, time spent completing work that one normally does as a part of their job will not count.

Typically non BAP events are organized/planned/conducted by organizations that do not involve the chapter as a whole. They are activities that one or a few BAP members or pledges elect to attend on their own.

Note: Only 10 non-BAP hours in each category (10 professional and 10 service hours) can be counted per year.