After submitting a membership application and dues, you will be considered a BAP member candidate until you are inducted into our chapter.  In order to be eligible to become a member, you must earn a total of 32 combined professional and service hours.


If you have already been inducted, to maintain your good standing you must also meet the 32 hour requirement for your second year. Your hours must be split in the following way:

  • 12 professional hours
  • 12 service hours
  • 8 extra hours in either category

You will be able to meet these requirements by actively participating in our chapter throughout the school year. Professional hours are earned when you attend professional meetings and/or events, while service hours are earned by volunteering your time at community service events. It is required that you attend a minimum of one service event per quarter.

It is key that you check in each time you attend a service and professional events to ensure your hours are being recorded correctly.

Candidates who meet the requirements above will be inducted at the end of the school year at the UW Bothell BAP Spring Banquet.

Last Updated: 09/20/16